Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trending Now: Bodysuits

So sorry you guys! I'm trying to catch up with blog posts as we speak. Here's the situation. As my summer class is winding down, I've really been working hard on assignment and taking notes. Also, I went downtown last Wednesday for the whole day, so that doubly screwed up my posting schedule.

I work with blogger, so I'm actually not sure how the date is going to look on this post. With blogger, you can actually 'schedule' your posts for past dates. It could be the 26th or it could be the 31 when it actually was posted.


Bodysuits are my new thing. They are so cute when paired with high-waisted jeans, shorts, and pants. I love the idea of having a smooth top tucked into bottoms. Any one who has ever tried tucking in top to pants know it's not the easiest thing to maintain after sitting down and moving throughout the day. That is where the bodysuit comes into play; not only is it tucked in with no fear of moving around, it's flush against the body which gives it a slightly sexier feel. One quick tip: if you are not quite sure about the bodysuit, opt for a one-piece swimsuit. Worse case scenario, you get a super cute swimsuit!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Current Favorites // 009

Happy Monday! This weekend has been extremely odd here in Chicago. It's hot and humid one moment, and storming and thundering the next; mother nature is surely going through some mood swings right now.

Favorite Song

Such a good song! 5 minutes of really cool music. One thing that is kinda cool about this song is that each song in the album is one word and putting them in order it reads: sex drugs and rock + roll. I mean, how cool is that? One song's title is literally "and." The album "i think you think too much of me" isn't yet out, but I am eager to hear the other songs. Listen above and if you like it, the album releases on August 19.

Favorite Show

When I look back at shows on the CW, they are often female-oriented, but Reign is completely for everyone including history-buffs out there. They definitely have topics on romance, but there is also violence, politics, and history. Reign is based on Queen Mary I of Scotland and the series focuses on her time in France. I haven't gotten too far in the series yet, I am only on episode 15 of season 2, but I already love the series. Even though I am not far into the series, I have binge-watched Reign for 4 days (thanks Netflix). Many times, shows love to leave a cliff-hanger ending but Reign is truly addicting; I'll promise myself only 1 more episode, but 4 hours later I am still watching. I know a lot of people out there dislike spoilers, but I am completely fine with them; in fact sometimes I even seek them out so ... Spoilers ahead! I have looked ahead on Wikipedia and Wikia, and have found that many of the cast don't appear in the 4th season, what! I love Francis, Bash, Lola, Greer, and Leith. Again, I am behind but I still can't imagine the show without Kenna too. All of Mary's ladies gone? The only original cast returning is Catherine? This can't be! The music is also really amazing too; Tunefind has been my savior! By the rate I am watching Reign, I'll probably finish by the end of the week, but that only means more waiting till season 4 premieres. I hope that I'll like the new cast; I have already grown an attachment to the characters already established.

Favorite Food

Watermelon. These past couple of days, the weather and humidity has been insane. Steamy hot temperatures, strong and windy storms, humidity that feels like you are sweating. Watermelon has been the perfect refreshing escape.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Finds // 008

Oh no, I forgot to post this earlier today. I usually have my posts scheduled to go live at 10:00am CST, but I completely forgot. I can't blame it on anything besides my forgetfulness, but there was a storm yesterday and I thought for sure that there would be a power outage (there wasn't). Even though this post is going up later than expected, still enjoy some of these cool articles.

Iced Lavender and Vanilla Almond Milk Latte - I mean, how delicious does this sound? I haven't tried it yet, but it looks and sounds amazing. It seems like a super easy and quick recipe and doesn't require too many ingredients. Plus, this recipe uses almond milk meaning it's dairy-free!

The R29 Beauty-Brush Hall Of Fame - There are so many recommendations for skincare and makeup, but rarely for brushes. In my opinion, brushes really make a difference. Blending eyeshadow with a brush is 100x better than with your fingers or those useless sponge-tip brushes that come with the product. But with so many to choose from, I never know what brush to invest my money in so I very much appreciate this whole encompassing list.

This Weird Color Makes The BEST Highlighter - spoiler-alert: it's lilac. Lilac highlighter, have you ever heard of such a thing? Apparently the lilac color works on all skin types and you probably already know that purple helps brighten dull yellow-y skin, so it works double duty.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Featuring: Les Petits Joueurs

These bags! They might as well be called the cutest bags in the world. Tasseled, fringed, or... faced? Each bag has a different personality and you can find one that best matches yours. My favorite? It has to be a tie between the face backpack and the faced red and black bag. The "love" bag isn't too far behind.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

On The Wishlist // 008

Hope your week is going well! The temperature is getting pretty high here in Chicago reaching 90/100 degrees with dry humidity. That might not be that bad for those of you who have known hotter, but recently in Chicago it's only been in the 70/80's. Be safe, stay cool, and I hope you enjoy some of the items I have recently added on my wish list.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trending Now: Fringe Jeans

I posted a denim post earlier this month so hopefully you are up for another one. Fringe jeans aren't too popular yet, but a couple of blogger and celebrities have been sporting this trend: Kerry Washington, Elle Fanning, Ann Kim (Andy Heart). There may be some that aren't too fond of this trend, but I personally really like it; it gives your outfit a playful and fun vibe. What I love most about this trend is that, it's an easy DIY project that will take you less than 10 minutes. You don't have to go out and buy them, but here are some inspiration for your next DIY project.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Current Favorites // 009

If I must be honest, last week's current favorites were kinda mehhh. I didn't really have many favorites that week, but to make it up to you guys I have some favorites that I am really into this week and I think you will all like.

Favorite Song

This song! How have I never mentioned this song before. I'm not sure if this is my all time favorite song, but according to my iTunes most played song, it is. I have listened to this song 1,454 times and that is not including the times I have listened to it on my phone. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about this song that I absolutely love. I also usually like to play piano music when I study as there are no lyrics for me to sing along to, but I can study to this song any day. Call me crazy, but I am sort of glad that this song isn't too well known. I mean I wish MIIA would get more recognition for this amazing song, but I like that it's my own secret song that isn't too mainstream (Elephante did a remix of this song which has over a million views, so if you like a little bit more techno than you can check it out).

Favorite Clothing Item
Okay well I'll admit, it doesn't look that great on the model, in fact it looks kinda "blah," but it's actually quite cute in person. I also prefer shopping online as compared to in-store, so this is like a knife to the heart; now this one shopping excursion has reinstated that by shopping in-store, you can actually try it on and feel the material before making a commitment. (However, more stores nowadays are offering free shipping and free returns which means that online shopping may grow even more) But anyways, this sweater is actually nicely made. Recently, H&M has been upping their game. Something changed; their clothes are much better quality than they were 5 years ago and they are even dabbling in sustainability with their Conscious line. What is sort of unique about this sweater is that it's a mock-neck and the sleeves have that unfinished look. I've never worn a mock-neck, so when I tried it on in store, it felt really odd; but it has grown on me. And what I didn't notice when I bought it was the unfinished sleeves. It has that feel like, once they got the right sleeve length, they just took scissors and cut it. But it doesn't do that annoying pulling thing like if you were actually to take scissors to your sweaters. Let me put it simply, it is finished, but it doesn't look finished (Sort of like the edges of Mansur Gavriel bags). The best part, it was on sale for $10, perfectly in my size!

Favorite App

Now I've been isolating myself and really trying to get myself to be more productive and this app has helped me so much. Tide is awesome because its a take on the pomodoro technique. It basically is set up for you to work in 25 minute intervals and gives you breaks in between. There are many pomodoro apps out there, but this one is really special. First, the interface is very simplistic, fluid, and easy to use (everything that I look for in an app). There is a lot of customization involved in terms of its functionality. You can change the "focus duration," "break time," and "long break time." Enable long breaks if you want (I recommend it) and set the long break frequency. My favorite part? The different modes: Rain, Forest, Muse, Cafe, and Default. Each mode has it's own white noise. Most of them are self-intuitive, but Muse is like soft music and Default is _____. Even better, you can play your own music if you like and even layer the white noise and your own music (which is what I usually do: Dynasty by MIIA + white noise). One more thing I want to mention about this app; there are analytics too. You can see how many focus periods you got through that day, compare them with previous days, and view your best focus. AND, the app is completely free to download. I highly recommend it!

Favorite Snack
Confessional: I've never had a Kind Bar. For one thing, so many of their bars have nuts in them, I would never give them a second glance before. Secondly, my family is very frugal so when they finally went on sale at my local grocery store, we picked them up. I tried the Oat & Honey with Toasted Coconut flavor and they are actually super good (yes, I know coconut is a nut, but I am not allergic to them surprisingly). Recently, I haven't been buying that many granola bars because they are not very healthy despite their claims, but I like Kind's promise for ingredients you can read. Even on sale, they are not the cheapest snack in the aisle, but at least it beats munching on candy the entire day.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Finds // 007

I don't know about you, but this week felt incredibly longer than usual (that may be due to the past two weeks where I had extended vacations that went into the week). This is probably the first time in history, but I am actually not looking forward to the weekend. I have a lot of things planned and I have a lot of school work to finish. To say that I have a stressful time ahead of me is an understatement. But as it is only Thursday as I write this, this means I still have Friday to catch up and prepare for the days ahead.

10 Fragrances For When You Just Want To Smell Clean - Exactly my kinda article. Many smells I come across are too strong or just not my thing. My dream scent is a combination of woodsy (after a storm) and fresh. I have taken some notes on some fragrances to check out and, if clean is your scent, then maybe you will too

This Gorgeous Home DĂ©cor Trend Will Dominate Pinterest - What do you think about this trend? Too much? Innovative and unique? I'm slightly on the fence; it's definitely not something that I would ever come up with, but it's kinda cool . . . right? One thing for sure, it's definitely a talking piece.

5 Colors That Will Make You Look Tan - What's better than a perfect tan, am I right? Now that summer is officially here, it's acceptable to finally show off your 'real' tan. Why not complement your bronze and glowing skin with colors that enhance your tan?

Everything You Need to Know to Master Flower Arranging - A cute read. In a perfect world, I would have all the time in the world to dedicate to adult coloring books, floral arrangements, and tending to my herb garden. A girl can dream right? What is interesting to read is that there are rules to floral arranging that I never considered. Which flowers are in season? How to make your arrangement last?

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Featuring: Onia

Not sure how I stumbled across Onia Swimwear, but I'm glad I did. My first #featuringthursday was another swimwear company, but as summer is at its peak, it's the perfect time to introduce you to another amazing company. Simplistic and modern, Onia lives on the philosophy of soft, high-quality swimwear.

Danni Top + Lily Bottom, $67 + $67
Devyn Top + Lily Bottom , $57 + $43
Megan Top + Kate Bottom, $80 + $80
Laura Top + Lily Bottom, $67 + $80
Danni Top + Lily Bottom, $95 + $95
Megan Top + Kate Bottom, $80 + $80
Megan Top + Kate Bottom, $45 + $43

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On The Wishlist // 007

Wow, I've been a complete idiot today. Usually I schedule my posts to go live at a specific time, and for some reason, I never published this blog post; I just saved it as a draft. Well it's only 10:50pm currently so this post technically still went up on Wednesday. Anyways, I apologize.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trending Now: Slip Dresses

The slip dress. I love this throwback 90's trend, but I love it even more with the modern take on a slip dress: pair it with a tee underneath. More simplistic with your sartorial style? Maybe just throw on a basic white tee. More daring and funky? Add a colored-pattern long sleeve or even a different silhouette (bell-sleeves, button-up blouse, etc.)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Current Favorites // 008

And we are back! I am actually mass writing many of my blog posts today because I have a lot of school work to catch up with and I have a midterm on Tuesday so I really gotta study! But I hope you enjoy and don't forget to tell me in a comment below some of your favorites.

Favorite Song

A little bit of a pop-style song for ya. I can completely see a young teenage girl lusting after this "Justin Bieber" kinda guy. But I'm not afraid to admit it, I enjoy the occasional pop song here and there. It's upbeat and has a pretty catchy chorus if you ask me.

Favorite Place

Let me first just say: NATURE! July 4th weekend was the first time I have gone to Oregon and I am in LOVE. It is so beautiful there. The tall trees and the tree-lined roads, it's natural beauty at its finest. If I must be completely forthcoming, this is exactly the setting I wish for my wedding. I've seen the colosseum and I've seen the Eiffel Tower, but there's something so quaint about beauty untouched by man. The only issue, I don't seem to get any phone service out there. But on second thought, maybe that’s a good thing. Take your eyes off the phone, embrace nature.

Favorite Brand

Reformation. If you are into fashion at all, then you have probably heard of Reformation before. I don't know why I have never mentioned them before, but they have some amazing pieces for any style. I especially recommend their dresses; all of them are so cute.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Friday Finds // 006

Good morning! Or afternoon, or night, or whatever time of day it is for you. Today is Sunday which means that tomorrow we should be back on schedule with weekday posts beginning with Current Favorites.

9 Genius Hacks That Keep Sockless Shoes Fresh - not exactly the most ladylike topic, but it's worth a read. Let's be honest, foot odor is a thing and especially when going sock-free. And now that it is summer and the heat is intense and the air dry, hopefully we'll all combat that curse with fresh, daisy-like smelling shoes and feet.

Mark Cunningham Rejuvenates Hana Soukupová and Drew Aaron's Connecticut Home - I'm definitely taking a note from Cunningham. His ability to mix classic with the eccentric is truly a skill. My personal favorite: check out slide 8 and 9. I mean, blue walls!

The Ultimate Bucket List for Trendy Summer Eats - Food Lovers Unite! Oh my gosh, this list is unbelievable, I didn't even know half these things existed and my mouth is drooling. Slide 8: I can attest to how amazing those waffles are. They are my favorite Hong Kong food and best when served from a food cart on a street corner.

The #1 Place to Get Truly Unique Styling Tips - Leandra Medine (aka Man Repeller) is definitely a trend-setter. Everything she wears is either crazy or wacky, but somehow it always works. I applaud her on her fashion risks. Unfamiliar with her? WhoWhatWear curated a slideshow of Leandra's looks and selected pieces that will give you a similar look

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Featuring: Outdoor Voices

Weekend post! Confused why I'm posting on Saturday? read my last post. This week there is a little modification with the posting schedule, but enjoy #featuringthursday.

I recently came across Outdoor Voices and I am already in love. They have a stylish take on the basic workout wear. The pieces aren't too expensive, and they offer Free Shipping and Free Returns! What's better than that? And not to leave out the guys, Outdoor Voices also have a Men's collection which is equally amazing. As always, even though Outdoor Voices have much more, below are my personal favorites (the two-toned anorak jacket is my favorite out of the favorites).

Friday, July 8, 2016

On The Wishlist // 006

Wishlist Wednesday is up! If you are wondering why this post is going up on Friday then read my last post. In short, I have basically pushed posts back a couple days, but next week I should be right on schedule. I'm using a little bit of a different collage editor today than previous weeks; I'm not sure why, but with my usual collage editor, the proportions were all off. But nonetheless, these are the latest additions to my growing wish list.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trending Now: Cropped Flare Jeans

I'm back! Sorry once again for the odd scheduling of posts. I've recently been in Cannon Beach, Oregon and the wifi isn't exactly widespread there. Much of the time, we were out and about enjoying the sunshine so, in addition, I didn't have enough time to dedicate toward blogging. If you are following along with my tweets, than you are already caught up. But if Twitter isn't your thing; I took a red eye flight back from Oregon and didn't get much sleep on the plane. Once back home, I completely passed out in bed and did not get a single thing done the entire day. But, I am catching up with work in addition to this blog post.

I do apologize that this is going up so late in the day, but the way I am going to make up lost posts is that I am going to post into the weekend.

Today: Trending Tuesday. Friday: Wishlist Wednesday. Saturday: Featuring Thursday. Sunday: Friday Finds.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Current Favorites // 007

Happy July 4th! Currently I am in Cannon Beach, Oregon, staying with a family friend. I've posted a couple of photos on my social media if you want to check them out. This post will be a little shorter than usual because I am away and on vacation.

Favorite Song

Haha, if you've seen that Haagen Daz commercial, than this song should sound familiar. In fact I actually found this song through the commercial. Sometimes when I like a song from a commercial, the verse featured is the only part that I like, but with "Serious Craving," the entire song is pretty awesome. With that said, I think it's worth listening to.

Favorite Place

Pennsylvania. I've actually been to Pennsylvania numerous times before, especially because my sister went to university there, but driving through Pennsylvania last Monday was a sight that I was not used to. Growing up in the suburbs of Illinois, there isn't much of anything really. Illinois is pretty flat and we have a major lack of hills and elevation. Driving past Pennsylvania in the smaller-populous areas was so beautiful. The rolling hills filled with green trees was amazing and I loved the tree-lined roads

Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Finds // 005

My mind has basically been non-stop winding since Monday. I feel like I haven't settled down since. These past couple of days, midday, my eyes get so tired like I have been crying all night or something. Today I was actually supposed to leave once again to Portland, OR but stupid me forgot about an assignment for a summer class that I am currently taking. I realize that writing this might seem a little bit odd for those of you who are used to booking vacations weeks/months in advance, but my family basically flies standby every single time so it's not a big deal that I could not make this trip. I am sad to have missed the opportunity, but hopefully a few extra days at home will give me time to finally get back to a more productive schedule. As always, keep reading to find some interesting read I have found this week (not much due to being a short week away from wifi).

How to Make Inexpensive Denim Look High-End - Let's face it, many of us don't have the money to spend on a $200 pair of jeans. This article hits on many things that I might consider doing to my jeans like taking them to a tailor or trying out a DIY frayed hem and even something as simple as adding a belt. If I must be honest, I've never actually owned a belt before.

What Happens When Zara Asks You To Be A Designer - It is no secret that Zara is one of my favorite stores. Although I would love to be a designer for Zara, it's highly unlikely. But it is interesting to read how one girl, Emily Cadenhead, got the opportunity of a lifetime and gets to design clothes for the billion dollar company, Zara.

6 Ways to Boost Workday Productivity - Any article that promises to increase productivity, I am open to it. I struggle sometimes with keeping focused and avoiding the irresistible procrastination, but I know that it will have negative consequences. So anything that can help me wean out of the nasty habit, I am all for!