Monday, July 4, 2016

Current Favorites // 007

Happy July 4th! Currently I am in Cannon Beach, Oregon, staying with a family friend. I've posted a couple of photos on my social media if you want to check them out. This post will be a little shorter than usual because I am away and on vacation.

Favorite Song

Haha, if you've seen that Haagen Daz commercial, than this song should sound familiar. In fact I actually found this song through the commercial. Sometimes when I like a song from a commercial, the verse featured is the only part that I like, but with "Serious Craving," the entire song is pretty awesome. With that said, I think it's worth listening to.

Favorite Place

Pennsylvania. I've actually been to Pennsylvania numerous times before, especially because my sister went to university there, but driving through Pennsylvania last Monday was a sight that I was not used to. Growing up in the suburbs of Illinois, there isn't much of anything really. Illinois is pretty flat and we have a major lack of hills and elevation. Driving past Pennsylvania in the smaller-populous areas was so beautiful. The rolling hills filled with green trees was amazing and I loved the tree-lined roads

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