Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Finds // 005

My mind has basically been non-stop winding since Monday. I feel like I haven't settled down since. These past couple of days, midday, my eyes get so tired like I have been crying all night or something. Today I was actually supposed to leave once again to Portland, OR but stupid me forgot about an assignment for a summer class that I am currently taking. I realize that writing this might seem a little bit odd for those of you who are used to booking vacations weeks/months in advance, but my family basically flies standby every single time so it's not a big deal that I could not make this trip. I am sad to have missed the opportunity, but hopefully a few extra days at home will give me time to finally get back to a more productive schedule. As always, keep reading to find some interesting read I have found this week (not much due to being a short week away from wifi).

How to Make Inexpensive Denim Look High-End - Let's face it, many of us don't have the money to spend on a $200 pair of jeans. This article hits on many things that I might consider doing to my jeans like taking them to a tailor or trying out a DIY frayed hem and even something as simple as adding a belt. If I must be honest, I've never actually owned a belt before.

What Happens When Zara Asks You To Be A Designer - It is no secret that Zara is one of my favorite stores. Although I would love to be a designer for Zara, it's highly unlikely. But it is interesting to read how one girl, Emily Cadenhead, got the opportunity of a lifetime and gets to design clothes for the billion dollar company, Zara.

6 Ways to Boost Workday Productivity - Any article that promises to increase productivity, I am open to it. I struggle sometimes with keeping focused and avoiding the irresistible procrastination, but I know that it will have negative consequences. So anything that can help me wean out of the nasty habit, I am all for!

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