Thursday, July 7, 2016

Trending Now: Cropped Flare Jeans

I'm back! Sorry once again for the odd scheduling of posts. I've recently been in Cannon Beach, Oregon and the wifi isn't exactly widespread there. Much of the time, we were out and about enjoying the sunshine so, in addition, I didn't have enough time to dedicate toward blogging. If you are following along with my tweets, than you are already caught up. But if Twitter isn't your thing; I took a red eye flight back from Oregon and didn't get much sleep on the plane. Once back home, I completely passed out in bed and did not get a single thing done the entire day. But, I am catching up with work in addition to this blog post.

I do apologize that this is going up so late in the day, but the way I am going to make up lost posts is that I am going to post into the weekend.

Today: Trending Tuesday. Friday: Wishlist Wednesday. Saturday: Featuring Thursday. Sunday: Friday Finds.

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