Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Finds // 008

Oh no, I forgot to post this earlier today. I usually have my posts scheduled to go live at 10:00am CST, but I completely forgot. I can't blame it on anything besides my forgetfulness, but there was a storm yesterday and I thought for sure that there would be a power outage (there wasn't). Even though this post is going up later than expected, still enjoy some of these cool articles.

Iced Lavender and Vanilla Almond Milk Latte - I mean, how delicious does this sound? I haven't tried it yet, but it looks and sounds amazing. It seems like a super easy and quick recipe and doesn't require too many ingredients. Plus, this recipe uses almond milk meaning it's dairy-free!

The R29 Beauty-Brush Hall Of Fame - There are so many recommendations for skincare and makeup, but rarely for brushes. In my opinion, brushes really make a difference. Blending eyeshadow with a brush is 100x better than with your fingers or those useless sponge-tip brushes that come with the product. But with so many to choose from, I never know what brush to invest my money in so I very much appreciate this whole encompassing list.

This Weird Color Makes The BEST Highlighter - spoiler-alert: it's lilac. Lilac highlighter, have you ever heard of such a thing? Apparently the lilac color works on all skin types and you probably already know that purple helps brighten dull yellow-y skin, so it works double duty.

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