Monday, July 25, 2016

Current Favorites // 009

Happy Monday! This weekend has been extremely odd here in Chicago. It's hot and humid one moment, and storming and thundering the next; mother nature is surely going through some mood swings right now.

Favorite Song

Such a good song! 5 minutes of really cool music. One thing that is kinda cool about this song is that each song in the album is one word and putting them in order it reads: sex drugs and rock + roll. I mean, how cool is that? One song's title is literally "and." The album "i think you think too much of me" isn't yet out, but I am eager to hear the other songs. Listen above and if you like it, the album releases on August 19.

Favorite Show

When I look back at shows on the CW, they are often female-oriented, but Reign is completely for everyone including history-buffs out there. They definitely have topics on romance, but there is also violence, politics, and history. Reign is based on Queen Mary I of Scotland and the series focuses on her time in France. I haven't gotten too far in the series yet, I am only on episode 15 of season 2, but I already love the series. Even though I am not far into the series, I have binge-watched Reign for 4 days (thanks Netflix). Many times, shows love to leave a cliff-hanger ending but Reign is truly addicting; I'll promise myself only 1 more episode, but 4 hours later I am still watching. I know a lot of people out there dislike spoilers, but I am completely fine with them; in fact sometimes I even seek them out so ... Spoilers ahead! I have looked ahead on Wikipedia and Wikia, and have found that many of the cast don't appear in the 4th season, what! I love Francis, Bash, Lola, Greer, and Leith. Again, I am behind but I still can't imagine the show without Kenna too. All of Mary's ladies gone? The only original cast returning is Catherine? This can't be! The music is also really amazing too; Tunefind has been my savior! By the rate I am watching Reign, I'll probably finish by the end of the week, but that only means more waiting till season 4 premieres. I hope that I'll like the new cast; I have already grown an attachment to the characters already established.

Favorite Food

Watermelon. These past couple of days, the weather and humidity has been insane. Steamy hot temperatures, strong and windy storms, humidity that feels like you are sweating. Watermelon has been the perfect refreshing escape.

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