Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trending Now: Bodysuits

So sorry you guys! I'm trying to catch up with blog posts as we speak. Here's the situation. As my summer class is winding down, I've really been working hard on assignment and taking notes. Also, I went downtown last Wednesday for the whole day, so that doubly screwed up my posting schedule.

I work with blogger, so I'm actually not sure how the date is going to look on this post. With blogger, you can actually 'schedule' your posts for past dates. It could be the 26th or it could be the 31 when it actually was posted.


Bodysuits are my new thing. They are so cute when paired with high-waisted jeans, shorts, and pants. I love the idea of having a smooth top tucked into bottoms. Any one who has ever tried tucking in top to pants know it's not the easiest thing to maintain after sitting down and moving throughout the day. That is where the bodysuit comes into play; not only is it tucked in with no fear of moving around, it's flush against the body which gives it a slightly sexier feel. One quick tip: if you are not quite sure about the bodysuit, opt for a one-piece swimsuit. Worse case scenario, you get a super cute swimsuit!

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