Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Finds // 007

I don't know about you, but this week felt incredibly longer than usual (that may be due to the past two weeks where I had extended vacations that went into the week). This is probably the first time in history, but I am actually not looking forward to the weekend. I have a lot of things planned and I have a lot of school work to finish. To say that I have a stressful time ahead of me is an understatement. But as it is only Thursday as I write this, this means I still have Friday to catch up and prepare for the days ahead.

10 Fragrances For When You Just Want To Smell Clean - Exactly my kinda article. Many smells I come across are too strong or just not my thing. My dream scent is a combination of woodsy (after a storm) and fresh. I have taken some notes on some fragrances to check out and, if clean is your scent, then maybe you will too

This Gorgeous Home D├ęcor Trend Will Dominate Pinterest - What do you think about this trend? Too much? Innovative and unique? I'm slightly on the fence; it's definitely not something that I would ever come up with, but it's kinda cool . . . right? One thing for sure, it's definitely a talking piece.

5 Colors That Will Make You Look Tan - What's better than a perfect tan, am I right? Now that summer is officially here, it's acceptable to finally show off your 'real' tan. Why not complement your bronze and glowing skin with colors that enhance your tan?

Everything You Need to Know to Master Flower Arranging - A cute read. In a perfect world, I would have all the time in the world to dedicate to adult coloring books, floral arrangements, and tending to my herb garden. A girl can dream right? What is interesting to read is that there are rules to floral arranging that I never considered. Which flowers are in season? How to make your arrangement last?

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