Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Trending Now: Flat Mules

We're back with a new collage layout!
I was just playing around with layouts and collages are so much easier to make with phone apps than on the computer. I don't have a photo editor like Photoshop so that may be a main reason. For now, I'm just testing out this new look and we'll see where we'll go later.

I know, I know. My last Trending Tuesday post was about mules too. But the mule trend can be split into heeled and flat mules. I very much wanted to mention the Gucci slipper trend so here is basically part 2 of the mule trend.

Just letting you know, next Trending Tuesday will be another shoes post. I have a lot of trends lined up and this particular trend always gets sidestepped by others.

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flat mules/slippers

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