Monday, October 3, 2016

Current Favorites // 013

Hello once again!

Where have I been? Well first of all I've been super busy. With school, club engagements, a new job, some side projects, and midterms going on, my time is pretty thinly spread. Even with limited time, I love blogging. I can sit down, listen to chill music, and write whatever comes to mind.

Favorite Song

I don't know why I have never mentioned this song. Any fan of Grease will recognize this song. However, Lo-Fang does such an amazing job of reworking the popular movie tune. It has a much more darker and cool-guy/hipster vibe.

Favorite Show

I forgot how much I love Friends. I have mentioned my favorite TV shows before, but with Friends slipping my mind, I think Friends is my ultimate favorite show ever. With the power of Netflix, I have rediscovered Friends and watched the entire series. There are so many good episodes; once of my favorites: Holiday Armadillo!

Favorite Clothing Item

I don't have a specific item in mind, but with the colder weather hitting Illinois, I am absolutely looking forward to bring out my turtleneck sweaters and over-the-knee boots!

Favorite Instagram

symphony of silk. Lorna's style is lustworthy. There's something about her style that I absolutely love. Lorna is trendy, but not too out there and every outfit is perfect for just strolling around town. Lorna's closet is definitely one of my top 10 blogger closets I would love to raid!

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