Monday, October 10, 2016

Current Favorites // 014

I had every intention of getting through last week's blog post but it is midterm season and sadly writing up blog posts was placed on the back burner. I'll be real with you, I also cannot promise anything this week because I still have two more finals coming up. I still have a lot of reading and studying to do these next few days.

Favorite Song

I just heard this song earlier today and instantly I fell in love. Kings of Leon is one of my favorite bands. Caleb Followill has such a unique voice and I always appreciate how much their songs emphasize the instrumentation.

Favorite Snack

These chips are so good. I love sweet potatoes and I have tried so many sweet potato chips, but these are perfect. The perfect balance between salt and chip. Call me crazy, but the shape of the chip is important to me. The shape I prefer is when they are folded or kinda just bunched together and these are it. I swear I could have finished a whole bag in one sitting. Now I'm not exactly sure how accessible these are to you, but they are by a company called Aldi, who from my research has stores internationally. So basically if you have an Aldi or find it somewhere else, try it out.

Favorite Beauty Product

There has never been a point in my life that I was super into makeup, but recently it's becoming my routine. I don't wear too much; mostly just CC cream with and SPF, eyebrow stuff, mascara, and a little bit of bronzer. And this is where my favorite beauty product comes in. If you have ever been the slightest bit into makeup and have watched some beauty videos on YouTube, than you probably either use this product already or have heard of it. Hoola bronzer by Benefit. I use it to contour my nose and I can tell a difference. I'm not sure if I have too light of a hand, don't pick up enough product, or just have a problem with my perception, but many times when I put on makeup, I don't really see too much of a difference. But when I contour my nose with Hoola bronzer, I can completely see the slimming effect and I love it. I have a 'flatter' face and I love using bronzer to emphasize the angles of my face.

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