Thursday, June 4, 2015

Goodbye Amsterdam

Another trip. But this time a short one, and more for business than play.. Currently I'm in New York helping my big sister move in to her apartment. Hopefully we'll have some downtime to eat at some cute restaurants and shop at small boutiques.

But to finally wrap up Amsterdam, here is the third and last part of our Amsterdam trip.


Starting the day with a chocolate chip muffin from the supermarket. Love their supermarkets, smells so good!

After a light breakfast and walking around for a few hours, by recommendation, we ate at the The Pancake Bakery.

Called proffertjes. They are like fluffy mini pancakes. They may seem light, but they were actually pretty heavy. I definitely struggled with finishing my entire meal. For sure, a full meal in it of itself.

My favorite house in Amsterdam. Love the colors and all the hardware. And right on the famous and beautiful Prinsengracht.

Little homeware boutique on Prinsengracht called Artymaz.

Afternoon rain and a canal tour.

Apparently the narrowest house in Amsterdam.

Early morning bus ride to Centraal Station.

Buying train ticket to airport.

Done. Amsterdam all wrapped up. Amsterdam was definitely deserves a spot on my top ten vacations just for the sights alone. The people were so friendly and the food was delicious. Looking forward to another trip to Amsterdam.

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