Thursday, May 21, 2015

School's Out For Summer!

Summer time!
Last Thursday was my last day of class. I can't believe another year has passed. These past days I've mostly been lounging around before summer school starts. I've also put together a summer resolution list. I usually don't make summer resolution but I want this summer to be filled with adventures and not regrets. I don't want to reflect on my summer and realize that I hadn't done much. Here are a couple of my summer resolutions that you can add to your own list:

code (Code Academy / Harvard's Intro to Computer Science)
read more
make a workout schedule & DO IT!
blog more often
finally tackle those DIY projects on Pinterest
learn languages (via DuoLingo)
learn a new word everyday
learn to write with left hand (a little random, but I've been practicing on and off for years)
learn calligraphy
clean out my closet (summer cleaning?)
upcycle things around the house
play my flute again
learn to play that guitar that is collecting dust in the house

Some additional things I would like to do:
make bracelets and sell them for charity
random acts of kindness (visit the bookstore and put some inspirational notes in the books)


What are some of your summer goals/resolutions? Anything stick out to you from my list? I would love to know, especially in the comments below!

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