Thursday, May 7, 2015


Hello & Welcome back! 
Classes are officially over! Yesterday was my last day of classes and now my main focus is acing my four finals next week. Wish me luck!

As promised, here is day 2 of Amsterdam...


Our second day of Amsterdam was Museum Day. We began the day by eating a light breakfast at a little cafe right across the street from our hotel called Moods coffee corner. It was a small little cafe with a chalkboard wall menu. Call me a kid at heart, but I got the hot chocolate and boy, it tasted exactly like hot melted chocolate (so rich and so hot!) The menu was pretty limited and I ended up just getting scrambled eggs with ham. 

We took the bus to the museum area and made a pit stop at a nearby grocery store in search of water and some snacks. Their grocery stores are awesome! Everything is so lively and colorful (much better than the grocery stores in my town).

First museum: Stedelijk for modern art. I apologize for the lack of pictures. I just wanted to enjoy the art pieces. I did however take pictures of the ones that interested me the most.

Just next door, we headed to the Van Gogh museum. I didn't take any pictures because they were prohibited and to be honest there we just too many people.

Next stop: the iconic Iamsterdam block letters.

On our way to the block lettered "Iamsterdam"we had seen people holding thin waffle things called Stroopwafels. We ordered two and they were delicious. Crunchy and warm, perfect for a chillier day!

The rest of the day was shopping on the nine streets, notable for having good shopping. We didn't realize this, but we ended up not actually going to the nine streets but walking around a random neighborhood. What was interest, though, was that the neighborhood we were in actually had pretty good shopping. 

After a long day of walking, we ate dinner at De Eetkamer Jordaan which was recommended to us by our hotel manager. No exaggeration here, but that was legitimately the best salmon I have ever had! It was the definition of melt in your mouth. As soon as the salmon grazed the tongue it was just like eating a piece of heaven! If you ever go to De Eetkamer Jordaan, get the grilled salmon.

That's it - seeing everything that we did on day two doesn't look like we did that much, but we walked a ton and saw a lot of interesting artworks at the museums.


Next post I'm planning on wrapping up the Amsterdam trip. Once the school semester wraps up, I'm hopefully going to be doing some exciting things over the summer so keep checking my blog!

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