Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On The Wishlist // 013

Let me just say I am really loving H&M recently. When I was younger, like when I was 12 or 13, I was obsessed with Forever 21. I would walk in to their stores and want to buy everything. And when I went into H&M, I felt like the only thing to get there was basics. Now I feel like my outlook has made a complete180. It could possibly be attributed to my changing taste in clothing, but now I love almost everything H&M has been coming out with recently. H&M still does have many basics and they shy away from loud over-the-top prints, but I feel like the quality of their clothes are better than they were years ago.

Also, can you tell fall fashion is really hitting me hard with the darker colors and neutral color palette? Anyways, please enjoy the list of items I am adding to my own wish list and I would love to hear some of your own as well! 

  1. H&M Handbag, $35
  2. H&M Bomber Jacket, $50
  3. Madewell Silk Lace-Up Shirt, $110
  4. H&M Biker Pants, $35
  5. H&M Pile-Lined Sneakers, $30
  6. H&M Ribbed Top, $15

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