Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trending Now: High-Low Hem Jeans

The high-low trend was super popular a few years ago and now we are back. Don't get me wrong, brands continue to roll out high-low hemmed sweaters and blouses and even the other week I bought a dusty pink high-low tee. This time we are talking about high-low hemmed jeans. Quite new to the fashion world, I haven't seen that many brands producing these new style, but they are out there. And with so many of my #trendingtuesday posts, you can totally D.I.Y. this! Tired with your simple and boring jeans? Scissors and 2 minutes max, people will start coming up to you and complimenting you on your daring and stylish attire. 

Below you will find my top picks for the high-low hemmed jeans. (Topshop actually has so many great options if you want to try out this trend but aren't willing to spend your summer job's saving)

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