Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trending Now: Chokers

I know, I know.
I've been slacking a little on the blog. These posts are the longest ones to write. Not only do I have to write the blog post, I have to choose a trend, research pieces, choose my favorites, put them into a collage, and crop the collages to the perfect alignment. The longest part is, for sure, the research involved with finding pieces that go along with the trend.

- - - - -

The choker is the newest trend to sweep the fashion world. This trend is yet another 90's trend coming back to the current day. The problem with most trends that go out of date and come back to life is that there is always something slightly different: a modern touch. So while tattoo chokers are somewhat back in style, the real spotlight is on the velvet/leather bow chokers.

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