Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Finds // 010

Back in action!
It is Friday which means another #FridayFinds. I have been very into the Olympics recently; I have it on basically 24/7. I guess I never really realized it before, but the Olympics are so short. Barely even 3 weeks. We are halfway through, but many of the sports have yet to play the finals.

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This Modern Family Home Has the Kitchen of Our Dream - the title of this article is very true, but I would name is "This house will make you want to go out and buy white paint." Even the kitchen cabinets are a bright white. One day when I own my first home, I plan on painting the walls and moulding all white and installing dark floors. I absolutely love the contrast of the two colors.

7 Refreshing Ways to Wear Black and White - On a similar note, maybe the dark and white trend isn't your thing for your home, but what about your outfit. I used to think of boring business wear when someone said black and white fashion, but that is completely false. As long as you play with different textures, materials, prints, and silhouettes, you can add some pizazz to your outfit.

At Home with New Darlings in Phoenix, Arizona - Oooh, I am all about the homes. On the opposite end, as opposed to coastal chic, this home is very mid-century modern. I love the incorporation of plant-life and natural-colors. Even the furniture is that shade of wood that you are likely to see in nature. It truly comes together with a feel like you are bringing the outdoors in.

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