Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Finds // 003

These next couple of week are going to be pretty hectic. I just started taking some summer classes online and the workload seems intense. There is a LOT of reading, hard quizzes/tests, and work due basically every other day. I hope this has no effect on my posting schedule, but just in case it does I am going to try to work really hard these next couple of days to pre-write blog posts for you so I don't get behind.

Below are my top 4 articles of the week worth reading (The first article is a good one and one I think everyone should read!) As always, let me know your opinions of the articles and share with me some of your own interesting reads.

How To Not Feel Like You're Losing When Others Are Winning - I think this is such an interesting read. I actually try to reduce the amount of time I spend on Facebook and Twitter because too often do I feel depressed afterwards. I mean when you are social stalking friends, exes, peers, you are most likely sitting alone doing nothing and seeing all the people around you having fun and going to exciting events. Even though we are not consciously thinking about it, competition is hard to avoid. Currently, I am struggling with feeling like others are better than me (handed more opportunities, smarter, luckier, etc.) If you are feeling the same way, I highly recommend that you read this article.

5 Brilliant Steps For Crushing Your Next Presentation - Another article from Dale Partridge's Startup Camp. It doesn't matter what your job entails, presentations will always and forever be a part of our lives. As a college business student, it is a guarantee that presentations are going to play a role in my life. I am a shy person which make presentations 10 times more intimidating to me. Public speaking is high up there on my list of fears. Anything that can slightly help my presenting skills is a must read to me.

How To Get Better Skin & Hair Overnight - Skin is in. When skin is clear and radiant, that just means less use of makeup and effort to cover up blemishes. Isn't that what we all want?

How To Get Smooth Skin By Morning - What can I say? Smooth skin is my main focus. I am not sure what changed, but my skin has seriously been acting up recently. For the most part, I have always had pretty good skin. I never went through a stage of intense acne, but I did get the occasional spot here and there. I had never gotten acne on my forehead, but ever since coming back from study abroad, my forehead seems to be the main focus of all my spots. Some of these trick are not only something that I think you guys should try out, but they are also for myself too.

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