Monday, June 20, 2016

Current Favorites // 005

Hope all of your Father's Day went well. But for today, it is Monday which means back to the daily grind and #currentfavorites.

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Favorite Show

I finally finished True Blood, and I am so sad. I wish the series went on longer (and less main characters died). The TV series I have been loving recently is Million Dollar Listing: New York. I love New York and I love all things home, so it would be a completely correct assumption to say that I love Million Dollar Listing: New York. I mean, who doesn't dream of being a millionaire and thinking about all the stuff that you could have?

Favorite Song

This one is a little bit different from my usual music preferences. When I work, I like to listen to calming music and came across Time written by composer Hans Zimmer. It is a beautiful piece written for the movie Inception. He has also composed music for other movies including Pirates of the Caribbean and The Dark Knight.

Favorite Activity

I actually was inspired to pick up the piano again due to the above favorite. After listening to that song, I wanted to learn how to play it. Unfortunately, I am pretty awful at the piano; the last time I play was probably 5 years ago and even then I was a beginner. However, I have found some super helpful videos on YouTube, that teach you how to play songs which is what I have been using. I am definitely not great at it, but for only one practice and getting one hand kinda good, I am pretty happy with the progress.

Favorite Instagram

I follow a lot of fashion blogs, and Pepamack is without a doubt in the top 3. Petra's style is so classic yet so cool. What is interesting is that she doesn't wear much patterns and trendy pieces, but instead sticks to the basics. She has a great way of pairing items together and making them seem like completely different outfits, even if she is wearing some of the same things. He closet is seriously enviable. I think she recently started a blog, because the only place I could find her in the past was Instagram. So if you want to check her out, I would recommend her Instagram account @pepamack.

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