Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Finds // 002

TGIF! I woke up to an annoying bird outside my window this morning that would not stop chirping, so hopefully your morning was much more pleasant. Today's post is another #fridayfinds.

11 Super Effective Small Talk Hacks - This one goes out to all my fellow shy and introverted readers out there. I don't care about who you know, I am seriously one of the shyest people out there so this is more like a note to myself to read and reread. If you are also timid and need some networking tips, this is a must read!

We Tried Peel-Off Beauty Products - I never saw the day coming; the day that we would be having peel off makeup. There is something kinda disturbing, but oh so intriguing about peel-off makeup. It is just one more weird innovation in beauty that tries to bring something new to the market (spray on nail polish? rainbow highlighter?) But the bigger question is: does this thing actually work?

14 Ways to Air-Dry Your Hair - By now you've all heard the PSA: heat is bad for your hair. Even though it is tough to cut off the straightener and curler habit, the least you can do is avoid drying your hair. But if you are anything like me and find yourself with some pretty crazy hair after air-drying, this might me a good read to learn how to tame that post-wash unruliness.

14 Books Every Single Lady Needs To Read - I'll admit, I'm not much of a read. I much prefer watching television in my free time, but I want to be a book lover. I always have the ideal life in my mind of sitting in a fluffy bed with a good novel in one hand and a cup of hot nighttime tea in the other. My 'To Read' list may already be too long, but here are the newest additions to my list and maybe you can put some of them onto your own list.

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