Monday, June 13, 2016

Current Favorites // 005

Hello from Kentucky! I am here just for an extended weekend helping out a friend stage an apartment. I hope this goes up in time as I am probably running around town searching for furniture and decor.

. . . . .

Favorite Activity

Yoga. I actually first tried yoga as a gym requirement in high school and I loved it. I am not sure if I enjoy it for the whole spiritually of the practice, but I enjoy the idea of getting away from your busy life and clearing your mind of everything. You really have to make a conscious effort to not think of anything else beside the present. And with so much stress brought through just life in general, it is a great stress reliever. Recently, I have picked it up again; I don't go to any studio or anything like that, but I do watch YouTube videos like Yoga with Adrienne.

Favorite Person

Last week I shared my favorite celebrity with lustworthy style and today I thought I would share my other favorite: Alexa Chung. Alexa's style is slightly more girly and country-like. She is often caught wearing frilly dresses and mary jane style shoes. Even though I am not a huge fan of that sort of style, for some reason when Alexa wears those items, she just makes it work.

Favorite Instagram

Anyone who knows me knows that I love New York City. So many streets to walk, so many people to meet, and so many restaurants to eat at. If you are anything like me and want to live the life of a local New Yorker, Caleb Thill is the one to look at. His pictures are not only colorful and have a wide range of the city's activities, but each one makes you want to drop what you are doing and join in on the fun. Below are a couple of my favorites, but check out his full Instagram for more.

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