Wednesday, June 15, 2016

On The Wishlist // 003

Here are some pieces that I am currently coveting. Summer is here which means it is summer sandal season. These colorful sandals are so unique and I love how they are lace up sandals. I need to add more color to my life and these decorative bowls are perfect to spice up my space. I'll admit, I have been wearing the same perfume for years! In fact, scents aren't really the first thing I think about, thus I have only one perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy. Don't get me wrong, the scent is lovely and a perfect starter everyday perfume, but I am not sure it is for me. My taste in scents align more with darker, woodsier, and nature-like scents. I feel like sometimes finding this kind of smell is a little tricky especially since it can possibly be confused with a male cologne. I am hopeful that this Jo Malone scent is a good fit for me who likes more of a masculine scent but does not want to smell like a boy. And lastly, I just love weekender bags. Sure they are a little impractical especially because you have to carry them instead of roll them on the ground, but they are really cute and this one is no exception.

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