Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Finds // 001

Hey there! Welcome to Friday Find. This series is just a compilation of articles and stories that I have found that are worth reading. Each week I'll share about 4 articles give or take a few that have sparked my interest and hopefully yours too. Have an article you recently read that you want to share? Leave it below!

The Real Reason You Procrastinate - In my entire life I have only met one person who admitted that he is not a procrastinator. Soooo many people put off that important task which is why I find it interesting to know why people procrastinate. After reading this article I think this article portrays exactly how I feel when dealing with a daunting task. I exactly align with the mentality that "it usually happens when people fear or dread, or have anxiety about, the important task awaiting them." Let me tell you, I have definitely become victim to the "self-defeating cycle" when we go on further to avoid the negative feeling of procrastination.

Money Diaries - This is not an article per se, but a collection of articles featuring modern day women and how they manage their money. I think Refinery29 does a great job of introducing women who are just like the rest of us (trying to maintain financial stability), and not receding to traditional patriarchal societies where women depend on men. I also just enjoy reading some of the stories just to see the standard of living in bigger cities. It has been my dream to live in New York City and with that you best believe that I need to get my finances down on lock.

San Francisco Decorator Showcase - I LOVE design and interior design is no exception. In one single home, it is so cool to see the difference in style. I like to think my style is industrial/contemporary, but after viewing each designer's creation, I would love to live in any one of the rooms. I especially like how so many designers broke the usual rules when it comes to styling like 'don't mix patterns' and 'less is more' and still made each room look amazing.

The Most Flattering Colors to Wear with Every Denim Wash - Let me first premise this in saying that by no means do you have to follow these suggestions; wear whatever the hell you want to wear! However with that said, Who What Wear has some amazing pairing that totally work! Burgundy + Light Wash and Kelly Green + Medium Wash. In my wardrobe I either have one or the other and now I desperately want to go shopping for some missing colors/washes.

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