Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Current Favorites // 006

First of all, let me say this: if this post goes up in time, I am shocked. Currently as I write this my laptop is at 2%, finally charging in a wall outlet, in an airport. Turns out I am stranded at Laguardia airport waiting 8 hours till a 6:00am flight standing with a laptop in one hand and typing with the other.

Update: sadly, this post did not go up in time. We ended up not making that 6:00am flight because there were no more standby seats and we instead drove home 12+ hours to Chicago on 23 hours of no sleep. Right now as I type this, it is June 28, 12:14am. I am back home, showered, and getting ready to go to sleep. 

This post will go up Tuesday morning instead of the usual Trending Now post, but on Wednesday, I will have two blog posts going up to take care of lost time, so don't forget to check back tomorrow.

Favorite Snack

Plantain Chip. Enough said. No but seriously, plantain chips are so good! They are like a healthier alternative to potato chips. The ones I buy only have 3 ingredients: plantains, palm oil, and sea salt. I could literally get through a whole bag in one day.

Favorite Song

To be honest, Spotify has a much better version in my opinion. It is Dreamer with Kaptan and Mokita, but it is a 'stripped down' version. Again, this song is slightly on the sadder side, but I love it. Another one of my favorite songs by Kaptan is Anywhere We Go (stripped down).

Favorite Accessory

I just got these Ted Baker sunglasses and what is slightly odd is that at 20 years old, these are my first pair of sunglasses. For some reason, I've never wanted to spend the money on sunglasses. I am completely a clothes person above shoes, bags, etc. and I have never found myself taking that plunge. But I have finally caved; these originally were $220 and I got them for $31, what a steal!

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