Monday, May 30, 2016

Current Favorites // 003

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are all enjoying your day, may it be a fun family barbecue or a relaxing chill day before going back to the usual daily grind. Below are some of my favorites of the week and I hope that you will share some of yours in a comment below!

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Favorite Song

I realize that many of my favorite songs are a little bit mellow on the verge of sad. That's not my usual mood, but it is the kind of music that I like. I like songs with a darker tone and this one is not to far from it. To be honest I'm not entirely sure what the name of the song is because I have read 'Darker Than Dawn' and I have also read 'Don't You Cry For Me.' But whatever the name of the song I think it's worth listening to.

Favorite TV Show

I am loving House right now. It's only been 2 months and I am already on season 7. There truly is a reason why the show and the cast has won numerous awards. Hugh Laurie does and amazing job as House and the rest of the cast is equally great. The only downside is that the first couple seasons are probably the best in my opinion. Season 7 so far is okay but I much prefer season 1 - 4.

Favorite Beauty Product

Now that I have finished it and am no longer using it, I have noticed how much I love Elisha Coy's Water Drop Suncream. Unlike most of the sunscreens I have tried, this one is not too greasy and it is lightweight which makes makeup much easier to apply.

Favorite Game

This is sort of a random favorite, but I have been obsessively playing Minesweeper. It is an old game that I used to play all the time on my old desktop computer. I am so obsessed I even downloaded the app and I have played over 5,000 games. It is a super easy to understand game and highly addictive. It is perfect for taking up time while you are waiting at the DMV or waiting at the doctor's office.

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